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How to Recognize SEO Scammers

Scams have been on the rise, our blog has been busy keeping up and alerting you to fraud.

Hey girl, so you know that smooth talking SEO solicitor who just gave you the sweetest pitch of your life? Yeah, that guy..


Well they can't be found online... No, really. Google them. Their website won't show up in search results...


And if you directly visit their site, your browser will give you security warnings in the form of a broken padlock.. know what that means? They are running a website without security...


Bless his little scammer heart, he can't provide the keywords in this case because he doesn't know what they are...

But, they sounded great on the phone, right? As they worked from what looked like an AMAZING address, their email signature SO classy... only Google Maps shows their office front is a... liquor store...?

They took your money and left you with no SEO. Poor Marketing. And a copycat Website that emulates a hundred others which Google will penalize you for.


What can you do? Protect yourself by vetting companies, know who they are and recognize the warning signs of a fly by night or fraud web business.

Here are 7 Signs you're dealing with an SEO Scammer:

1. Unsolicited Email

Do you really want to hand your business' reputation to a company you don't know anything about? Law Enforcement warns residents not to hire people who just show up at your door because you can never be certain who they are. How is a vast world wide internet any different?


2. Guaranteed Rankings

Sorry, hon. But this isn't possible. 

Rankings are determined by an engine, essentially a computer, not people. If the engine sees the right keywords, the right 

structure, optimization, etc AND you don't have insane amounts of competition in your area... the search engine will show your website. But there are no guarantees.

3. No Business Address
Oh, they have an address. And it looks great in their email signature, in fact, their entire email looks classy. But if you map their address you'll discover it's a parking lot, a waterfront, a city playground, library, or a liquor store (like the one we saw today). We especially appreciated the delapidated house with a mattress in front ot it. That one was AMAZING.

4. No Confirmation they actually have customers

No Feedback.

No reviews. Anywhere. You see reviews on the website. But guess what? Those can be faked. 

5. No Social Media Presence 

Social Media plays an important role in SEO. If your "SEO Company" doesn't have a social media presence, how can they help you? They can't even help themselves.

6. You Google them and nothing shows up 

You enter their business name in google and hit search but... nothing shows up for them. This one is huge!  HOW... even a company that doesn't exist can have great SEO. So what does this mean for you? RUN! 

7. Insecure Website

Go to their website, look for your browser's security icon. Is it broken? Chances are they are stealing your information or downloading cryptominers on your system. For crying out loud... run, run, run. And run your virus scanner too.

Don't be scammed. Find a reputable local business with real reviews, real feedback. Does their social media presence have a following? Do you see happy comments from people (that don't have the same name as the owner)? IS there a large online presence for this business? Are there lots of links and media presence around the globe? Then go with them. Because their SEO is righteous.

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