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What do I really need for a website?

You're a business owner and you know a lot about what you do. But when it comes to websites, all you really know is that you need one. Where do you start? Here is a simple explaination of what a website is made of and what you need to achieve it. 


1. Domain - is the name of your website eg:  

Think of a domain like LAND. You can't have a house without land to put it on right? 

2. Web Development - this is the plumbing, construction, etc that goes into your website. If your website isn't built, "up to code," then Google and other search engines will ignore your website and your site will not show up when potential customers search for services you offer. It's really important to have a website that is built properly. 


3. Web Design - this is the interior decorator equivelant of a website. Contrary to what many people think, visual does matter. When you walk into a Doctor office that is stark, kind of dark, you feel a little nervous. But a brightly lit, spacious layout with clean comforting colors and designs put you at ease. The same goes for websites. A potential customer will become frustrated with a poorly constructed layout or be wary of a non-professional design. Studies have shown website visitors first impressions of a business is based on their website. Furthermore, Google also demotes website ranking based on poor designs. So don't dismiss visual appeal. You may think you can have a website barn but you still need design to succeed. Thankfully TNW Creations includes design at no additional cost of development for most cases. 


4. Web Hosting - so you have a domain, web development and design but just like you can't power your decorated, lovely house on your land without paying your utility bills... you also can't power a website without hosting. Hosting is basically paying your utility bill. 


It may seem like a lot, but TNW Creations does all of the above!  And for a lot less than you might expect. The average website built in the Austin, Texas area ranges $1,200 to $3,000. for the smallest sites! Our average fully-loaded website package with domain, design, development, installation and hosting is a fraction of that cost - check out our packages! Hosting is additional and determined by how much involvement you want from us. 


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Our fees are $100. per web page with a 5 page minimum, qualified applicants can apply for PayPal credit to pay out their website cost.


We currently offer multiple website development services - from landing page templates you can DIY to mid-level customization to full website packages.  Custom complex programming, including ecommerce stores are determined per project. Hosting and domain fees are optional add-ons. Browse our templates and services here: 

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