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About Erin LaVaux Quarles - Author, Developer, Designer & CEO of TNW Creations, LLC.

I've been designing, programming, writing and publishing online since 1995.  Though my first exposure to the internet came when I was just a child in the 80's and my Dad brought home our first modem. And before that, the computer I was gifted by his fellow Army soldier. I love technology and creativity. My portfolio reflects this - from developing websites to building software and writing books and articles.

Check out my interview on Spotify, From the Ground Up, as I speak about my life growing up with Fine Art parents, our homelessness during the oil bust in the 80's and my founding of my business during college.

My business, TNW Creations stands for, "The North Wind." Though my Grandmother was a Texan and Texas is my home, my life began in Yankton, South Dakota where my Grandfather's family was from. I'm a Military Brat and grew up throughout the Midwest. I am also a former Texas Army National Guard soldier. I've briefly touched each of the four corners of America as well as having had the great honor of traveling to many other countries. Despite being a child Nomad carried on the wind, I've lived in Texas for most of my life. And though I've got a penchant for fluttering prairie grass and beautiful crystal clear lakes, my Southern side (I'm looking at you salsa, no bean chili, squash casserole and 8 months of moderate weather!) is really too strong for this Jedi. I still miss the snow from my childhood and my extended family in the beautiful Northern states and thus, my business name reflects the part of my heart that is 14 hours away! 

"Radio, Music, Video, Game Creations, Software, Art, Web Design & Development - if it's Media and creative, I love to work with it."

- Erin Quarles, CEO

I've worn many hats throughout my life, but the common core of my career has always been media. As a child, my family owned a Graphic Design studio. At the tender age of 9, I was helping with layouts which at that time involved paper and glue and carefully placing items on an actual spreadsheet over a drawing table. Among the civilian jobs my parents had, my Dad was a photographer for a local newspaper and my mother was an Art Professor. In my 20's I worked for 5 different radio stations as Disc Jockey, Commercial writer, Sports Caster and Web Engineer. If it's media and creative, I love to work with it.


Besides the work you see on this site, my internet presence has been substantial for over 2 decades. In 1994/95, while I was still in college, I began teaching my friends my Native language of Lakota. My friends loved it so I compiled and printed a one page sheet that I shared on campus at Haskell Indian Nations University. That effort then grew into a grassroots development for teaching the Lakhota language online through Lakhota.Com (since retired in 2011) with the help of my parents Herb and Ronda LaVaux.


In 1997, I amateurly printed my first paperback publication through Kinkos. The book was titled, "Lakota Name Translations" and was filled with popular names and graced with a cover photo of a hiking trip we had taken to the Woodlands in Houston.


For several years, my Dad Herbert and I compiled my first Lakota dictionary together. I worked multiple jobs, ran my business, helped with my parent's ranch and business and often fell asleep typing the dictionary at the computer nearly every night. Sometimes he spoke to me while I transcribed the content, other times I would get to the computer late at night where I would find his rough writing on a piece of paper lovingly waiting for me to add my magic. Together our book was published in 1999 by Todd Publications of New York. Unfortunately, Todd Publications never paid us a dime for our work and it's still being published to this day. The simple feather cover art was created and gifted to me by my friend, Colin James Sutton, a staff member at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


By 2000, my parents were busy with their ranch and expanding their photography business, leaving me to single-handedly manage the 30,000+ monthly visitor site. At this point, I had added more content. Matchmaking, ecards, audio and video downloads.

By 2002, my family withdrew from the website completely and wanted to close it down as they had grown exhausted by the global demands as the site had grown quickly in the last 2 years. I still saw Lakhota.Com as my baby and did not want to let go so I assumed full management, added an exceedingly popular International forum and developed software as well. 


In 2004, Michael Quinlan, the CEO of Transparent Languages pursued a partnership with me to produce a Lakota version of Before You Know It. We published each other's work together on different media.


As a Native speaker teaching my language, I created numerous articles, dictionaries, workbooks and software from 1995-2011 using my skills in teaching, writing, technology and design. My vast bilingual works found their way through Lakota learning communities around the world. Lakhota.Com was cited on countless websites including National Geographic, Encarta and Touchstone's Hidalgo.

In 2008, Rosetta Stone briefly spoke to me about a Lakota language program but they wanted me to contribute a considerable investment which I didn't have as a young mother and financially struggling author. Later they would return in Fall 2011 with a revised offer, however I had changed my literary focus by then.


Additionally in 2008, due to the increasing popularity of my work - I began dealing with repeated theft attempts of my site and software. And then a separate issue arose as I experienced a negative onslaught from a European lexical group founded by a Russian and German duo. This European group proposed to revitalize my Native language. The group disparaged me on Wikipedia and Amazon, to the point that Amazon had to intervene. My unfortunate experiences from them would continue until Summer 2011.

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In 2009, during the midst of this negativity, I published one of my previously written stories as a paperback. The book was titled, "Compassion." Because compassion, empathy and peace is a foundation I build my life on. With everything I create, I strive to make the world a better place. I was in love with the art created by my longtime friend, Christine Chong. She and I had met when she was in Art school and signed up to be a Lakota student of mine.


By 2011, news articles surfaced about the hostile digital environment we Native Lakota speakers had experienced by the European group behind the "Revitalization" of the Lakota language. Finally feeling closure over the emotionally difficult previous 3 years, I decided to hang up my linguistic hat and gifted my language work to S.A.I.V.U.S (Society to Advance Indigenous Vernaculars of the US). I then turned my focus solely to children's literature which had already brought me a great amount of joy.


In total, I've published more than 14 paperbacks (not counting articles, ebooks, software or websites) since 1997 with the 3 most notable publications being my children's storybooks, "Compassion (2009), Emmalyn (2011) and Zomberella (2013)." The Lakhota language resources, specifically the language software I created were my greatest achievement after being a mother.


And all that time, from 1995 to present, I never stopped developing websites even when my writing was paramount in my career.


In 2014, my oldest child was irrevocably injured by another student at school. She suffered a brain injury and vision loss. The aftermath of my child's injury caused my literary and development work to nearly stutter to a stop as I spent considerable time caring for her. Thankfully she became stronger and we adjusted to a new normal (Praise the Lord!). Read this article I wrote in 2021 for, "Mighty Kind Kids Magazine, Issue 7," titled, "We Keep Going: Resilience in the Face of Adversity."

By May 2018, I accepted cooperation as a Wix Partner along with my GoDaddy Pro Developer status which I then retired and swapped for, Microsoft Partner, Google Developer, Oracle Developer and Agency Partner with Green Geeks.


From 2019-2022, my company TNW Creations has received a multitude of accolades and achievements. When I'm not developing websites, creating featured content for Minecraft or uploading translated game videos to YouTube - you can find me leading Girl Scouts, UnifyLife.Org, writing stories for MagicStoryLand and enjoying my community and church. 

I still write under my Maiden name and moniker, "Tashna" (the Anglicized shortened version of Tasnaheca which means Chipmunk in Lakota). My other media publishing like games, software, writing and books are also published under, Tasnaheca.