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Eco-friendly Web Host & Web Developer

I've been designing, programming, writing and publishing online since 1995.  Though my first exposure to the internet came when I was just a child in the 80's and my Dad brought home our first modem. And before that, the computer I was gifted by his fellow Army soldier. I love technology and creativity. My portfolio reflects this - from developing websites to building software and writing books and articles. 


My business, TNW Creations stands for, "The North Wind." Though my Grandmother was a Texan and Texas is my home, my life began in Yankton, South Dakota where my Grandfather's family was from. I'm a Military Brat and grew up throughout the Midwest. I am also a former Texas Army National Guard soldier. I've briefly touched each of the four corners of America as well as having had the great honor of traveling to many other countries. Despite being a child Nomad carried on the wind, I've lived in Texas for most of my life. And though I've got a penchant for fluttering prairie grass and beautiful crystal clear lakes, my Southern side (I'm looking at you salsa, no bean chili, squash casserole and 8 months of moderate weather!) is really too strong for this Jedi. I still miss the snow from my childhood and my extended family in the beautiful Northern states and thus, my business name reflects the part of my heart that is 14 hours away! 


I've worn many hats throughout my life, but the common core of my career has always been media. As a child, my family owned a Graphic Design studio. At the tender age of 9, I was helping with layouts which at that time involved paper and glue and carefully placing items on an actual spreadsheet over an drawing table. Among the civilian jobs my parents had, my Dad was a photographer for a local newspaper and my mother was an Art Professor. In my 20's I worked for 5 different radio stations as Disc Jockey, Commercial writer, Sports Caster and Web Engineer. Computers were just one of different forms of media I loved to work with. If it's media and creative, I will more than likely want to play with it.


Besides the work you see on this site, my internet presence has been substantial for over 2 decades. In 1994/95, while I was still in college, I became part of the grassroots development for teaching the Lakhota language online. By 2000, I was single-handedly running the 30,000+ visitor site, Lakhota.Com (since retired in 2011). In 2002, I saved the website from termination after the initial founding group completely dissolved to pursue different paths. 

As a Native speaker, I created numerous articles, dictionaries, workbooks and software from 1995-2011 using my skills in teaching, writing, technology and design. My vast bilingual works found their way through Lakota learning communities around the world. Lakhota.Com was cited on countless websites including National Geographic, Encarta and Touchstone's Hidalgo. To date, the Lakhota language resources I created were my greatest achievement outside of being a mother. 


After a frustrating tussle with an emerging European lexical group founded by a duo from Germany and Russia, I decided to hang up my linguistic hat and gifted my language work to S.A.I.V.U.S (Society to Advance Indigenous Vernaculars of the US). I then turned my focus solely to children's literature which had already brought me a great amount of joy. In total, I've published 14 paperbacks (not counting articles, ebooks, software or websites) since 1997 with the 3 most notable publications being my fictional storybooks, "Compassion (2009), Emmalyn (2011) and Zomberella (2013)."


I still write under my Maiden name and moniker, "Tashna" (the shortened version of tasnaheca which means chipmunk in Lakota). 


In 2014, my oldest child was irrevocably injured by another student at school. She suffered a brain injury and vision loss.

The aftermath of this unfortunate experience caused my work to stutter to a stop for awhile. I spent (and still do) much time caring for my daughter and helping her be as healthy as possible! Through the years, she has become stronger (Praise the Lord!) and we've learned to embrace our new normal. I was able to gradually devote more time to my work and by May 2018, I had joined Wix.Com as one of their Experts, later became a Wix Partner along with my credentials as a Microsoft Partner, Google Developer, GoDaddy Pro and a Sustainable green energy web host. When I'm not developing websites, creating featured content for Minecraft or pwning peeps on GW2 - you can find me leading a troop of Girl Scouts, moderating UnifyLife.Org, writing stories for MagicStoryLand and enjoying my community and church.