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Google My Business Hijackers

Google My Business Hijacking attempts are on the rise.

Google My Business hijacking has skyrocketed with many business owners losing access to their Google My Business listing, which means losing access to their business on Google Maps, their Google reviews and facing their website and phone numbers being changed. Some hijackers are threatening owners with blackmail - pay up or never again get their listing back.  At the worst, this can ruin a business.


How do you know if you are experiencing an attempted Google My Business hijacking? 


You will receive an email from Google that looks similar to this: 


Luis Iriarte,, 4643919711

Hijacker: Luis Iriarte,, 4643919711

Here are two more examples: 


nago brasil,, 6851806978

Hijacker: nago brasil,, 6851806978,,  2279522232

Hijacker:,,  2279522232

Are you like many people and wake up to 200+ emails a day? Have you possibly missed these notices to overtake your business on Google? Don't wait until it's too late. Unless it changes by the time you read this post, Google automatically grants access to the requester within 3 days of the request.  Search your inbox for this address and act now:

1. These hijacks are happening constantly to businesses on Google. Business Owners need to report the hijack attempts and the users. I highly recommend you upvote and comment on this thread to encourage Google to change it's current change of ownership procedures.


If the thread has been closed as Google tends to do without resolution, start a new thread about the hijacking attempt. 


2. Report these hijacks to Google Support.


3. If the hijacking attempt was made from a Gmail account, report the address to the gmail account fraud team:


4. Then send a message for help through Google My Business Facebook:


Another Hijacker: tayfun ışık,, 8487904167

This has gone on long enough and Google has not rectified this situation. The current procedure of requesting and verifying ownership for Google My Business is flawed and hazardous. What is Google going to do to protect it's legitimate business owners?  We need Google to tighten up this process and make it more difficult for someone to be granted ownership access to GMB. If it takes 7 days to verify a business by postcard, then a change of ownership needs to take just as long and through the same business address method. Lastly, we need repercussions for these scammers. . 


Have you already lost access to your Google My Business Listing or account? Contact GMB Support here:


GMB Hijacker - Dengarou Issued,, 7788255561

List of Google My Business Hijackers - 

Rousana Rousanakhatun,, 5977355565

Dengarou Issued,, 7788255561

tayfun ışık,, 8487904167,,  2279522232

nago brasil,, 6851806978 

Luis Iriarte,, 4643919711

james wal,, 6041697983

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