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TNW Creations Policy Update: Wix Waiver

10/04/2019: Ongoing

UPDATED: 1/6/2021 - To reflect Wix.Com's new full stack code name change from Corvid to Velo.

At TNW Creations, we strive to make our policies clear about our services and expectations. As part of that commitment, we’re announcing some changes to the TNW Creations User Agreement.

Our updated User Agreement will take effect immediately.

Specific update summary:
● The changes relate to TNW Creations partnership with Wix.Com

Wix Waiver

Wix is a valued partner however it is a platform that is keyed for growth and has a history of rapid change and upgrades that may alter the web environment in which your site is created.

As it is an online software platform and foundation upon which your website will be created, it is to be understood that platform and system wide changes in the Wix environment are something that cannot be anticipated and that adaptation of your site to these changes once our scope of work is completed is the sole responsibility of the owner and or maintenance organization partner of the owner.

As such it is agreed that any subsequent changes in your website caused by these Wix environment changes are the sole responsibility of Wix and the owner of the website and not the TNW Creations team.

As your designer, we agree upon changes and updates pursuant ONLY to maintenance agreements or new scope of work contracts, and are the only changes that will be undertaken to accommodate these foundational changes within the Wix platform.

We do not offer any warranty express or implied on the Wix Platform infrastructure or underlying code. It is understood that once our contract has ended successfully with a completed website, update, or other scope of work, and a final inspection has been cleared as deemed by the developer – TNW Creations is not liable for any additional work, damages, or correction requirements caused by fluctuations or updates caused by Wix and any Wix platform changes to the environment.

Unlike other host systems, the Wix website environment, Wix Code / CORVID code / Velo by Wix / Velocity by Wix and site underlying code are a constant evolving software. By entering into work with TNW Creations, all clients acknowledge these conditions before work can commence on any Wix site project.

Also note effective immediately, Wix client’s hosting and app fees will be billed directly by Wix and no longer collected or negotiated by or through TNW Creations.

Thank you for choosing TNW Creations for your website needs.

We appreciate you!
Erin Quarles, CEO & Lead Developer
TNW Creations, LLC.