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Wix Bookings vs Book like a Boss 2021

Which Booking app is the best one?

That's a great question. About 5 years ago, we would have said it really depends on what you need. But for the last few years, the winner has been a clear choice. Let's look at Book like a Boss and Wix Booking to see a quick side-by-side comparison. Let's go!

A solution for any service-based business, Wix Bookings frees up your time by letting you accept bookings and payments.

All-in-one scheduling platform for you to take appointments, sell your services and manage your business. Book Like a Boss in many ways functions as a stand-alone website.



The set-up process for Wix Bookings has multiple parts. To get started, you have to do the following:


Build a Wix website using its Wix Editor or Artificial Design Intelligence site builder tools; this involves:


  • Selecting the site’s category
  • Choosing a site template
  • Editing the template and adding your content
  • Adding site elements (photos, videos, buttons, menus, etc.)
  • Purchasing or connecting a domain so you can publish the website
  • Publishing the website
  • If you already have an existing Wix website, you can add Wix booking by visiting the’s App Market. Select the Wix Bookings app and add it to your site by clicking “Add to Site.” Remember, you still must have a Business Premium Plan starting at $23. a month to use Wix Bookings.

    Please Note: Wix rates are constantly fluctuating from month-to-month so these starting Wix rates may increase.


After you have finished building your website, aquiring and / or connecting a domain and publishing the site. You can visit the Wix Booking dashboard to customize your booking details and design (time required depends on extent of detail preferred).

The set-up process for BLAB is very simple. To get started, all you have to do is the following:


  • Sign up for a free Book Like a Boss account to schedule appointments online. Or if you want to charge for your sessions (great for therapists, coaches, tutors, music lessons) then upgrade to the Cappuccino plan for $19. a month.

Your Book Like a Boss account provides a booking page that you can use to schedule appointments and sell your products or services. For many entrepreneurs, this solution can function like an all-in-one website.

The sign up process takes about 2 minutes. Afterwards you can visit the account’s dashboard to customize your booking page design and session details (time required depends on extent of detail preferred).

If the price and complexity comparison hasn't already convinced you who the winner is, here are a few side-by-side details

Compared Features

Accept Bookings without having a Paid Account

Cover (background) photo

Introductory paragraph

Calendar that customers can use to book appointments with you

“Services” section for selling your services

“Products” section for selling your products

“FAQs” section

Sidebar you can use to show your Skype ID, address, working hours, website links, and more

Introductory YouTube video

Profile photo

Photo gallery

We sincerely believe Book Like A Boss is the best scheduling solution available. The beauty of the pages, the easy navigation, flexibility and affordability make them a smart choice. This is why TNW Creations promotes Book like a Boss and joined as a Book Like a Boss Partner in 2019.

Try it out and let us know if you agree by clicking the button below to sign up for a free 14 day trial of the Latte Plan with all features included.

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