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What is Google Guaranteed?

And why is it suffocating your perfect SEO ranking?

You may have seen it recently, that vivid green text and checkmark proudly paired with the statement, "Google Guaranteed."

But what is it? Why does this show up above your perfectly polished SEO ranking. In fact, why are there so many businesses showing above yours suddenly with a Google Guaranteed Logo, including businesses with zero reviews?

Welcome to the Google Guarantee badge

The Google Guarantee badge is available for businesses that pass a Google screening and qualification process through Local Services Ads.

But not all businesses are eligible. And even if they are eligible, their local services for that industry might not be available in their area yet. So let's look at who is eligible for a Google Guarantee.

Appliance Repair
Carpet Cleaning
Countertop Services
Event Planning
Financial Planning
Garage Door
House Cleaning
Interior Design
Junk Removal


Lawn Care
Pest Control
Pet Care Services
Pet Grooming
Real Estate
Tax Services
Tree Services
Water Damage Services
Window Cleaning
Window Services

So how do you get guaranteed?

In short? Pay Google.

Not a lot going on there as far as an actual vetting process to make sure you're a credible business. If I were to guess, I'm assuming down the road it will be harder to be approved but for now? Google literally states, "When you sign up for Local Services Ads, you automatically become a Google Guaranteed business."

In other words, Google Ads make you special.

Everyone Wins! As long as you pay...

Let's be honest, paying for guarantees is not generally a method of moving ahead that we appreciate here at TNW Creations. (see our article on UpCity's Vanity Awards).

If all you need to do to be a, "Guaranteed" service provider with Google is to pay them, then how does that prove your worth? It doesn't. And normally we'd say, whatever floats your boat. But in this instance, you need to be seen... And Google has led the unsuspecting public to believe that Google Guaranteed means you're legit. So if you're not Google Guaranteed... what is that telling people who are searching for your services?

Yeah. We feel the same way.


Where is Google Guaranteed available?

At this time, the Google Guarantee Badge is offered in the following countries:

United States:
United Kingdom


And each country has a specific set of rules that go along with this badge. Including reimbursements. Oh that's right! We didn't tell you about this tidbit yet...

A business backed by the Google Guarantee allows a refund for unhappy customers.

You may be asking yourself what does the Google Guarantee mean? What does it do? What is it besides a paid badge?


Well, here's the feature that will be especially interesting to your potential customers. And that is simply a refund if they aren't happy with your services. However...


Only if they found you through your Local Services Ad AND only if Google decides to approve the refund. There are lifetime limits per customer in each country. You can read more about this reimbursement here:

So we kind of feel like that will be leaving you both praying customers will and won't find you through Local Services Advertising.

Is Google Guaranteed worth the cost?

We're unfortunately leaning towards, "yes."


Which means that Google Ads account you previously closed? You might want to open that back up. Good news, Google makes that easy. No one really removes / deletes accounts anymore. They just deactivate them.


If you're doing well with business and you're not suffering a loss of incoming leads from Google search then maybe you can skip the guaranteed badge.


Like we always say here at TNW Creations, the decision is up to you. We like to give you the inside dish so you can choose what's best for your business.


Eventually Google is going to need to write a major disclaimer to grace each Local Services Ad and explain why they are guarantying companies that have never been through a process to prove their worth. Google guaranteed ranking?  For the first time in Google's history, it seems this is finally a thing.


But until they 'fess up, you've got us to tell you what's really going on.


Last Note:

What about Partner affiliate providers?

Recently, Google began partnering with multiple tech companies for a broader reach in many areas. Including the creation of a partner affiliate network with local services ads. These providers do not receive Local Services Ads leads through Google, but through the partner affiliate’s platform directly.

Currently, Google Partner affiliates (US) for Local Ad Services are:
Thumbtack and Networx

This may prove important to you when looking at Google Guarantee especially if you are already a member of either of the providers listed above.  Do you receive local services reviews from Thumbtack or Networx, then check out what they offer regarding Google Guaranteed.

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