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Another Day, Another Phish

Good Morning, TNW Creations Fans!


Sooo... 7 phishing emails in a 24 hour period is pretty epic!

Here are three beauties... read them, file them away in your noggin and be sure to report them as phishing through your email client if you receive one. 

Phishing email #1

Email Text, 

"Your subscription is due

Dear customer ,

Unfortunately your recurring subscription was not allowed by your financial institution. This may be due to lack of balance, or by suspicious activity regarding your payment method.


To continue utilizing our services without interruption, please click the button below and update your payment details."

NooOOoooOOooo! Not my subscription! Anything but that! How will I live?!


...wait, what subscription?

Phishing email #2

Email Text: 


Your account has been locked
Dear <email address>, 
Unfortunately, we have received reports from our internal system regarding your account, and have locked your account until you complete the verification process.
Please keep in mind that while your account is locked you may not:
Send payments
Add or remove payment methods
Enjoy subscriptions attached to your account
To restore access to your account go to our website ( and login to your account. You will be guided on how to proceed.

Anti-Fraud Department

Cuckolds INC, Portland, OR 97230


Mm, yeah, I don't know about that. ūüėŹ

You may be saying right now, "But Erin, it has a link to PayPal.Com."

YES, the links say, "" but what you might not know about links is, you can call it whatever you want and link it to something else.  

If you hover over the link text you will see the actual hyperlink sends you to a completely different website. MORE OVER.... you should never click links in emails. Is this the first time you're reading my security posts? Bookmark your accounts and only visit from your bookmarks. Do NOT search for your link. Do NOT click links in emails. PERIOD. There is one exception - email verification. But again, don't click an email verification link unless you are expecting one and even then, scrutinize it for red flags.

Side note, anyone notice, "Cuckolds INC" at the bottom of the email? This one thinks he's funny, he's not trying too hard to hide his phishing. Only panicked people will click without reading or examining. 

Be sure to report this as phishing AND forward the email to the PayPal fraud department at:

Phishing email #3

Email Text:


Problems with your payment details
Dear <email address> ,
Unfortunately, your preferred payment method was unable to be charged by your financial institution. To continue enjoying all of our library of movies and shows, please update it by clicking the button below.
For any other issues regarding your account, please visit our help center via our website, or call us at any time with 24/7 support.
Team ParentCircle

ParentCircle, Chennai, 600020


Yes, please tell me more about this account I don't have...


Parent's Circle. 


Circle Magazine? How about Disney Circle? Parents use both of those. Better act quick, don't think twice about it. CLICK IT! 




Don't click that. 


Even if you actually were a member of something called, "Parent Circle," - DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IN THE EMAIL.

Bookmark your accounts


You should have all of your accounts bookmarked. When you receive an email like this, go to your bookmarks. Login to your account from your bookmark. Find out if the email is legitimate.


Call your Bank from the NUMBER you have saved on your phone. If you don't have it saved, then save it right now by going to your bookmark. If you don't have it bookmarked yet, find your statement or your card and get the number from that. And from here forward, save bookmarks on your phone and computer and contacts in your phone and email. 


Do NOT Google, do NOT search for the numbers or website addresses because phishing links come up in search results too.



I noticed you're still reading... want one more example just for fun? Here's...

Phishing email #4

Email Text: 


Your account has been limited
Unfortunately our internal systems have detected suspicious behaviour coming from your account.
Including (but not limited to):
Purchases to foreign countries
Removal or addition of unknown payment methods
An unauthorized password change
Please note that while your account is limited any ongoing payments have been put on hold.

To continue and restore your account please go to our support center ( and login with your account. You will be guided on how to proceed.

Account Security Team.
For any problems regarding this (or other) emails feel free to contact us via our web portal or by phone call with 24 hour support.

PAYPL SRVCS, Portland, OR 97230


Notice where the emails are originating from - it's not PayPal. And the replies are not going to PayPal either. Be sure to report these emails as phishing and furthermore, for PayPal phishing, you can forward the email to their fraud department at:

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