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Austin, Texas

Author & Media Publisher Erin Quarles


Pseudonyms: Erin LaVaux Quarles, Tashna Erin LaVaux and Tashna Whirlwindhorse.

The name, "Tashna" is the shortened Anglicized version of my Lakota name, Tasnaheca which means, "Black Hills Chipmunk" in Lakota (Sioux), my Native language.

All Media Developed & Created by Tasnaheca

Books in Print

  • The Lakhota Kid's BIG Book of Coloring!
  • Emmalyn
  • Compassion
  • Zomberella
  • The Magic StoryLand Collection - hardcover and paperback releasing soon!



  • Julie Tallard Johnson - Author of, "The Thundering Years" and, "Wheels of Initiation" 
  • Daniel Bingamon - Author of Tin Whistles Book Series
  • James Love - Author of, "Queen of Hearts"


  • Developed Basic Lakhota Studies downloadable program
  • Developed the, "Every Day Lakhota BYKI Edition" Software Program in collaboration with Michael Quinlan of Before You Know It
  • Developed, "The New English - Lakhota Every Day Lakhota Language Program" on CD-ROM and Download
  • Developed, "The First Americans - Teacher Edition" on CD-ROM and Download
  • Dell Computers Software Quality Engineer for various projects  - Austin, Texas
  • Samsung Device Test Engineer - Austin, Texas



  • Moos Make Milk
  • Peanut Butter & Cup
  • Backyard Picnic
  • Harry the Hairy Hare
  • The Lake Visit
  • The Bookish Princess
  • Keith & Cera
  • Smithsonian Secrets
  • The Poison Baboon
  • Snow White
  • A Home for Sunka
  • Larry, the Magical Fish
  • Alex & Starla are Growing
  • May's Orange Kitten
  • Vernon's Compass
  • Standing Tall - Part 1
  • Standing Tall - Part 2
  • Standing Tall - Part 3
  • The Sunflower Fairy


  • Concise Lakhota Dictionary by Erin LaVaux and Herb LaVaux


  • The History of Native American Boarding Schools
  • Life and Times of Buffalo Bill
  • Great Basin - Then and Now Series
  • Great Plains - Then and Now Series
  • Northwest - Then and Now Series
  • Southeast - Then and Now Series
  • Southwest - Then and Now Series
  • Woodlands - Then and Now Series
  • Borders - Native American Country

Out of Print

  • Knock, Knock
  • But they look nice...: Teaching children how to recognize strangers
  • Urban Lakhota Workbook
  • Urban Lakota Dictionary
  • The New English - Lakhota Dictionary
  • The English - Lakhota Dictionary
  • The New English - Lakhota Workbook
  • The Revised Pocket Edition English - Lakhota Dictionary
  • The Seasons Lakhota Children's Coloring Book
  • Numbers Lakhota Children's Coloring Book
  • Lakhota Name Translations



  • KXYL Country, Brownwood, Texas
    (National News, Night DJ)
  • KPSM Christian, Brownwood, Texas
    (Sunday Remote Broadcasts, Sunday morning show)
  • KOXE Country, Brownwood, Texas
    (Commercials and Call Signs)
  • KHXS The Bear Classic Rock, Abilene, Texas
    (Assistant DJ)
  • KYOX Classic Country, Comanche, Texas
    (Web Engineer, Sports Reporter, Commercials)


Radio Erin Quarles



  • In college, I was involved with every religious club available. I played piano for the Episcopalian church group every Sunday. 
  • I was a member of many choirs and bands from 1991 - 2000 and performed for private events, organizations and corporations. 
  • In 1994, after hearing me sing at a Missionary event in Topeka, Kansas, the Missionary President put me on Speaker to sing to the President of Wayland Baptist University in Texas. They offered me a full scholarship on the spot and later in an official letter to attend WBU if I chose to switch my Art Major to Music. I declined.
  • In 1996, I won first place and a standing ovation for, "Via Delarosa" in a packed, standing room only University auditorium. It was my first singing competition.
  • In 1997, I applied and was accepted as the lead Soprano singer for the Liberated Wailing Wall, a musical group developed by Jews for Jesus in San Diego. The group intended to travel through France but the lead male singer was injured and the tour was put on hold. I was asked to accept a missionary position they had in New York in lieu of the position loss but I declined and took a local job as a Computer Tech and a second job in radio.
  • I sang professionally at a cafe in Brownwood, Texas almost every Friday night from 1997-1998. The crowd favorite was a Disney song from Aladdin that I had rewritten about the Pecan Bayou.
  • In 2001, I won first place at another contest on 6th Street in Austin, Texas for my rendition of, "Green River" by C.C.R. It was my second singing competition.
  • I was best known for singing, "Skylark" and other music from the 1940's era.


Erin LaVaux Quarles Music & Singing



  • I created my first tabletop game in 1986 when I was only 11 yrs old. It was based on a Christian version of the game of Life.
  • Developed my first computer game using the DOS language in 1991.
  • Contributed many custom game creations over the years and was a featured Sim Creator on Electronic Arts for several years. 
  • My Minecraft featured content is highlighted on many pages through Planet Minecraft and can also be found on Mojang's official website. 
  • I have held two Developer Tester positions for Microsoft. For the Xbox Kinect, I performed comphrehensive and exhaustive reports on the voice commands and spatial capabilities of the device.
  • And was also a developer tester for the Microsoft Hololens program. It was a fantastic honor to be one of 3 tech creators brought in for this exclusive opportunity in Austin, Texas. 
TNW Creations Erin LaVaux Quarles Game Creator

Art & Video


  • As the child of Graphic Designer / Photographers, I have considerable experience with Art, Design and photography. 
  • During my toddler years, I was the occasional model for University of South Dakota Professor and famous painter, Oscar Howe. My mother had a student position in the Art Department and both of my parents were Fine Art Majors at USD.
  • My College Major was initially Art before switching to Computer Science. 
  • I've been creating and editing video for years. From commercials to Non-Profit Awareness and fun kid's videos. You can follow my video creations on Youtube:


Art by TNW Creations Erin LaVaux Quarles