TNW Creations, LLC. Multimedia Publishing

by Erin LaVaux Quarles

Specs, Terms and Compatibility

Web Hosting
We work with 3 web hosting companies:
GreenGeeks (leading Clean energy wind powered Linux servers - TNW servers)
GoDaddy & GoDaddy International (html platform on Linux servers)
Wix (javascript platform)

These are our preferred hosting vendors. If you have a web host you want to use or are already using, we will consider it if the host uses Linux (cPanel), FTP and HTML.

Please also note: We do not work with BlueHosts or any other operation under Endurance International Group Holdings, Inc. 

Domain Acquisitions
1.   We recommend Network Solutions, eNom or GoDaddy for domains as they are transferable, connectable and manageable. Even Wix buys domains from GoDaddy.

2.   We will also purchase domains for you from Wix. Keep in mind, Wix domains are difficult to transfer, so if you think you might move to another web hosting provider, you might want to use GoDaddy. Further keep in mind, Wix prices have gone up substantially since 2018 and are continuing to trend upwards. They are very user friendly, so these inflated fees are worth it for those who intend to work on their sites in the future. However, if you do not want to ever work on your website, we recommend using another hosting / domain company. 

3.   We will also acquire domains from Google.
Our domain list is constantly changing. For an up to date list of what domain registrars we work with, contact us. Our preferred domain registrars are GoDaddy, Network Solutions, GreenGeeks, eNom or Google. You are welcome to purchase domains yourself, but keep in mind ALL domains purchased have a probational period of 60 days before you can move them. You cannot buy a domain from GoDaddy on Sunday night and expect to move it to Wix on Friday. You will need to wait 2 months. This is an International rule (read more here:  However, there are ways to work with a new domain that is in the wrong place. Either through connection (see further down) or forwards from another domain. Each instance will be varied. We can discuss more if you are in this situation.

Domain Transfers
We will only transfer domains to the following registrars (with minor exceptions, contact us to see if your domain qualifies):

Please Note: Wix domain transfers take the entire 7 days to transfer. This will not be a fast process and is prone to challenges. Most transfers from GoDaddy are complete in a few hours to 3 days.  
Explanation: We will not work with domains registered under Endurance International Group Holdings, Inc or any of their operations. Before we accept any domain transfer, we will do our research to insure the domain is not connected to Endurance International Group Holdings, Inc. Further Explanation: past history of nontransferable domains for our clients and those in our network.

Domain Connections
We work with a long list of domain registrars in regards to domain connections. This list includes Network Solutions, NameCheap, Google Domains, GoDaddy and more.

We will connect a domain to your website from almost any domain registrar.

Exceptions: We will not connect domains that are registered through Endurance International Group Holdings, Inc or any of their operations. Explanation: past history of non-compliance of DNS edits. We also will not edit DNS records to connect a Wix domain to a web hosting provider outside of Wix. Explanation: failure for Wix to update the DNS records from their end.

Our Preferred Apps and their Compatibility Network
Disclaimer: Due to constant changes in technology, the following compatibility is subject to change without notice and at any time. Often this is without warning and sometimes it is mid-process during our builds. When this happens, we will scrap the work we began, change course and pick another app or solution to build. If payment has been received already, this means we will put in the extra time and effort to find the perfect solution that works for you. It means more labor for us and a change in product, but your results will still be achieved. We will not leave our clients without solutions.  (For example, let's say you want to use Book like a Boss but it is no longer compatible with Wix as of July 2019, so we suggest Setmore Scheduling or Wix Booking) If we know about compatibility issues before we begin the work, we will give recommendations for alternative solutions. We will not work with products we know are incompatible, incompetent, unscrupulous or risky. Period.

Book like a Boss is compatible with GoDaddy and GreenGeeks but not with Wix.

Setmore Scheduling is compatible with Wix.

Wix Booking is exclusively for Wix.

Blogger is owned by Google and compatible as an RSS feed on Wix, GoDaddy and GreenGeeks

Wordpress blogs are available for GoDaddy, GreenGeeks and other cPanel hosts. 

Wix Blog is exclusively for Wix but can be connected via a menu link on a GoDaddy or GreenGeeks website.

WordPress Blog can be migrated to a Wix blog as of July 2019.

Many calendar apps are available to embed into your websites. Our preferred calendar is with Wix.Com. Or Acuity Scheduling for GoDaddy and GreenGeeks. There are add-on integrations with each web host provider and we will research with you to find the best solution for your designer and your website.

If you are using GoDaddy, we can set up an online store for you or you can implement an outside provider like Etsy and Store Envy. 
For GreenGeeks, you will need to utilize an outside ecommerce provider. Here are our favorites:  Etsy and Store Envy

If you are using Wix for your web host, we recommend Wix Stores.
Please note: At this time, we are not working with Wix stores. We prefer Etsy, Store Envy and GoDaddy stores. 

Custom Forms:
Due to Wix Ascend, Wix is currently not ideal for custom forms unless paying more for Wix Ascend. Wix Ascend is compatible with Wix only. Depending on the complexity, either priced as database creation or app installation (despite being custom built). 

Have a question about a particular implementation, service, app or resource that isn't listed here? Contact us.

Preferred Merchant Payment Processing:
PayPal (Ideal)
Wave Apps 

Preferred CRM (Customer Relationship Management):
We will embed (or connect via link) any CRM you choose to your website if it is compatible with our other programming, your host, etc. We will not setup (or import) the CRM account itself unless you are using Wix Ascend (compatible with Wix hosted websites only). If you wish for us to import your customer contacts and set up automation for you on Wix Ascend, our fee is the same as a database creation (you can find this fee listed on our pricing page here).

Facebook (we have a Facebook Ad Tech)

We will guide you with GoogleAds but not handle them ourselves. 

SEO & Google Analytics
We work with all SEO aspects. Basic and Advanced and we are leaders in this field.

Our arsenal of tools is vast and includes our Google Developers access.