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by Erin LaVaux Quarles

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Pseudonyms: Erin LaVaux, E.L. Quarles, Tashna Erin LaVaux and Tashna Whirlwindhose.

Books in Print

  • The Lakhota Kid's BIG Book of Coloring!
  • Emmalyn
  • Compassion
  • Zomberella
  • The Magic StoryLand Collection - hardcover and paperback releasing soon!



  • Julie Tallard Johnson - Author of, "The Thundering Years" and, "Wheels of Initiation" 
  • Daniel Bingamon - Author of Tin Whistles Book Series
  • James Love - Author of, "Queen of Hearts"


  • Concise Lakhota Dictionary by Erin LaVaux and Herb LaVaux


  • Moos Make Milk
  • Peanut Butter & Cup
  • Backyard Picnic
  • Harry the Hairy Hare
  • The Lake Visit
  • The Bookish Princess
  • Keith & Cera
  • Smithsonian Secrets
  • The Poison Baboon
  • Snow White
  • A Home for Sunka
  • Larry, the Magical Fish
  • Alex & Starla are Growing
  • May's Orange Kitten
  • Vernon's Compass
  • Standing Tall - Part 1
  • Standing Tall - Part 2
  • Standing Tall - Part 3
  • The Sunflower Fairy

Educational Software

  • Basic Lakhota Studies
  • Every Day Lakhota - BYKI Edition
  • The New English - Lakhota Every Day Lakhota Language Program
  • The First Americans - Teacher Edition



  • The History of Native American Boarding Schools
  • Life and Times of Buffalo Bill
  • Great Basin - Then and Now Series
  • Great Plains - Then and Now Series
  • Northwest - Then and Now Series
  • Southeast - Then and Now Series
  • Southwest - Then and Now Series
  • Woodlands - Then and Now Series
  • Borders - Native American Country

Out of Print

  • Knock, Knock
  • But they look nice...: Teaching children how to recognize strangers
  • Urban Lakhota Workbook
  • Urban Lakota Dictionary
  • The New English - Lakhota Dictionary
  • The English - Lakhota Dictionary
  • The New English - Lakhota Workbook
  • The Revised Pocket Edition English - Lakhota Dictionary
  • The Seasons Lakhota Children's Coloring Book
  • Numbers Lakhota Children's Coloring Book
  • Lakhota Name Translations


  • KYXL Country, Brownwood, Texas
    (National News, Night DJ)
  • KPSM Christian, Brownwood, Texas
    (Sunday Remote Broadcasts, Sunday morning show)
  • KOXE Country, Brownwood, Texas
    (Commercials and Call Signs)
  • KHXS The Bear Classic Rock, Abilene, Texas
    (Assistant DJ)
  • KYOX Classic Country, Comanche, Texas
    (Web Engineer, Sports Caster, Commercials)


  • I played piano for the Episcopalian church every Sunday. 
  • I was a member of many choirs and bands from 1991 - 2000 and performed for private events, organizations and corporations. 
  • In 1996, I won first place and a standing ovation for, "Via Delarosa" in a packed, standing room only University auditorium. It was my first singing competition.
  • In 1997, I applied and was accepted as the lead Soprano singer for a Messianic Group in San Diego but I turned it down to focus on web development. 
  • I sang professionally at a cafe in Brownwood, Texas almost every Friday night from 1997-1998. The crowd favorite was a Disney song from Aladdin that I had rewritten about the Pecan Bayou.
  • In 2001, I won first place at another contest on 6th Street in Austin, Texas for my rendition of, "Green River" by C.C.R.
  • I was best known for singing, "Skylark" and other music from the 1940's era.



  • I created my first tabletop game in 1986 when I was only 11 yrs old. It was based on a Christian version of the game of Life.
  • Developed my first computer game using the DOS language in 1991.
  • I have contributed many custom game creations over the years and was a featured Sim Creator on Electronic Arts many times. 
  • I was accepted into the Microsoft Hololens program for beta testing. It was a fantastic honor to be one of 3 creators brought in for this exclusive opportunity in Austin, Texas. 
  • My Minecraft featured content is highlighted on many pages through Planet Minecraft and can also be found on Mojang's official website. 


Art & Video


  • As the child of Graphic Designer / Photographers, I've had a lot of experience with Art, Design and photography. 
  • As a toddler, I was the occasional model for University of South Dakota Professor and famous painter, Oscar Howe. 
  • My College Major was initially Art before switching to Computer Science and making Art my minor. 
  • I've been creating and editing video for years. 
  • From commercials to Non-Profit Awareness and fun kid's videos. 
  • You can follow my video creations on Youtube: