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TNW Creations, a Military Veteran Owned Web Development Agency in Austin, Texas is auctioning off 4 high traffic Wix themed domains.  Ready to start your own business in web design? Buy one or more of our high performing prime domains!


*Payment plans available through PayPal Credit for qualified applicants. Don't wait, start making money today!

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.COM domains are highly sought after. Paired with the age of these domains and the Wix keyword themes, these domains are outstanding investments for aspiring web developers or web designers hoping to work with the International leader in stunning web development. 100% 100% 100% 100%

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Question: Where can I use the Wix themed domains you are auctioning?
Answer: You can connect these domains to virtually any hosted website. We will transfer the domain(s) you purchase to your account and you can connect to your website(s) from there. We strongly encourage you to seek clean green energy powered web servers for your websites so this auction makes a difference in several ways!


Question: What does it mean when you say Prime domains?
Answer: These domains contain the keyword, "Wix" which is one of the largest website platforms in the world. By having a domain with, "Wix" in it, you have an easier chance to rank higher on search results. Additionally, all three of these high quality, high demand domains have .COM endings which is the most profitable and sought after domains.


Question: What other benefits do these domains have?
Answer: These domains were used to drive traffic to my Web Agency listed on the Wix.Com Arena. I have ranked #1 on the search results for the Austin, Texas area of the Arena for over a year. As long as you deliver results with your new website, you can continue this momentum of higher ranking search results by using these domains to bring in web traffic.

Furthermore, these domains have aged and are more valuable, thus making them rank higher on Google and other search engines. The TLD (ending for the domains) are ".COM" make them the most preferred domains available. Their worth is immense due to the keywords, flexibility, domain age, TLD and current traction on search engines.


Disclaimer: Understand that any charges you incur with your domain registrar during or after the domain transfer is between you and your registrar. You are simply bidding on this domain, nothing else. We will not provide a website, hosting or any other services beside the domain.