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by Erin LaVaux Quarles

    ABOUT US    

We Are Not Your Ordinary Web Agency

We have extensive experience with a vast variety of coding and design and have been in business since 1995. We proudly boast over 300 websites in our portfolio over the past 2+ decades. Our Lead Web Developer, Erin LaVaux Quarles studied Computer Science and Art Communcation in college. Our quality work, is highly curated with experience, speed, skill and attention to details. Further, we are proud to be a Veteran & family-owned company.  

Our focus is assisting business owners to discover their online potential. We support and network as content creators. Additionally, we tutor our clients how to navigate their new online presence so they can be as self-sufficient if they wish to be.

  We aim to provide one-of-a-kind personalized experiences for our clients. As such, we do not accept more work than we can give special attention to.

  Each classic website typically takes 3-7 business days to build. 5-14 business days for a premium site. 

  We continuously provide opportunities through our blog to learn about owning a website and what practices help promote your business best.

    About Us    

Meet Our Network of Talent

Erin LaVaux Quarles

Founder / CEO / Lead Developer

Former Texas Army National Guard Soldier and enrolled Tribal Member, Erin LaVaux Quarles began building websites in 1994 with her brother Chris. Her first solo commissioned website was for her University (Haskell Indian Nations University) in 1996. Besides Web Design, Erin is an approved Microsoft Developer HoloLens Beta Tester, Minecraft & EA Sims content creator, published author and 8 yr Girl Scout Leader having held several workshops teaching young girls about STEAM, digital design and computer programming.

Patrick Quarles

Sales Department

Patrick Quarles has a history of sales account management for law enforcement and electronics with big clients like Samsung and Dell. He is an essential asset to the team. When the rest of us are caught up in technical programming or design talk, he likes to steer us towards a more sales friendly conversation. 

Chris LaVaux

Classic Websites

Chris is a career military man - both former Army and current Navy. When he has downtime from his IT job in the Navy and raising his growing family, he likes to take his boys on adventures through the areas he is stationed. Chris is Erin's brother and her original Partner-in-Design. 

Ashley Shearer

Wordpress Websites

Ashley joined our network in 2018 and has been an excellent contributer. Ashley studied web development at the University of Texas in Austin and is proficient in building Wordpress based websites. We are very grateful to have her as a part of our team of talent!

T.R. Williams


T.R. slaved for Facebook, Inc for years. He learned every secret for online success through social media advertising.  He has all the tricks up his sleeve to make websites visible to the masses. We've witnessed 200 likes on a facebook page explode to 11,000 in just 1 week.

Working Together for a Better World

Here at TNW Creations, we believe in making the world better with everything we publish. Which is why we use clean green web servers powered by wind energy. Our powerful servers are fast and improving our environment with every click!  Cleaning up our Earth isn't the only thing we like to focus on. We also equip all of our annually paid websites hosted by TNW Creations with the UserWay App. Which allows visitors of all abilities to easily navigate without frustration or concern. As a former soldier, the Founder of TNW Creations especially hopes that our War Heroes find our #accessibility app helpful. We aim to improve the quality of the world through our endeavors.


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